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Very Friendly

October 20, 2016

Very Friendly Dealership, experience was great, no pressure, we are happy with the purchase. we shopped all day looking at about four different dealership and different models It was meant to be. Thank you Metro Acura, we hope that this is a start of a new relationship for years to come. Thank you Shaun Ridge for your knowledge and expertise on your Acura models.

Excellent Customer Service

Victorville, CA
November 27, 2016

Excellent customer service! Andy, Adam Greene,Hector and David did an awesome job by getting me into my new 2017 acura. I had gone through so many other dealerships to only find myself walking out very disappointed, but Metro Acura took very good care of me. I was very impressed on their service. Thank you all so much for taking the hassle out of car buying for me!

Great Experience

Montclair, CA
January 3, 2017

I have probably bought over 15 cars since my first one I bought at 21 hehe. This was by the far the easiest and painless deal I've ever had to deal with. I came into Metro Acura already knowing what vehicle my wife and I wanted, all that was needed was to do one last final test drive and agree upon a price. We came in and Mike Gorka greeted us and went over the basic questions on what we were interested in. Of course the particular color combo with options we wanted was buried in the back. Mike had to move like 5 cars just to get to it. Talk about above and beyond :). I feel most dealers and salesman would be like "trust me, the black tlx will drive just like the white tlx". Well we drove it and loved it but when it was time to talk numbers we got cold feet even though they got us close to where we wanted to be. The next day I emailed Mike and threw out an offer with a price I was comfortable with, he emailed back promptly and told me that they could help out a long time Metro Acura customer. We wanted to do drive the car one last time to make sure it's what we wanted. The drive went well and all that was left was to run credit and sign papers. It was pretty late in the night and I have the thing where I had bad experience taking delivery (with another dealer and car make) so I always like to pick up the car during the day when it's nice and sunny. Mike Gorka introduced us to the manager, Kevin was his name I believe who was really nice and easy going. We told him what we wanted to do and he was fine with it. I guess we got an insane deal on the car so I felt it was only right to sign paperwork that night and pick up the car the next day. It was pretty late and past closing time. Mike stayed till we were done to make sure we had everything we needed. The next day he checked it with me to make sure what time I was planning on coming in so he could be there to give us the keys and go over any questions we may have. Mike is a really professional no pressure salesman, the same with metro Acura. You won't go there and be hounded by 10+ salesman. He's called and emailed to check in with us already to see how we like the car. I can say we are happy with our 2016 Acura TLX SH-AWD advance :).

Great Experience

Covina, CA
October 28, 2016

Just another great experience yet again with the best sales guy ever..thank you Mike Gorka for always being a great help..Mike came on his day off just to help us get the best deal for my brother.

Returning Costumer

May 25, 2016

I just purchased my second Acura with Metro Acura was very happy with my TSX.The Service Department was Excellent the Customer service is the best. So I didn't hesitate to buy another car from metro Acura. I purchased a TLX this time Shaun took good care of me what I liked about Shaun the most was he didn't pressure me at all he was very professional and kind.

Strongly Suggest Metro Acura

Alhambra, CA
August 31, 2016

For those of you who are considering in buying (or leasing) a new car and can't decide where you should start, I strongly suggest that you start with Metro Acura in Montclair. I know, I know, the thought of spending hours at a dealership haggling over what seems like pennies and still feeling like you've been royally ripped off does not sound appealing to any rational human being. It's really unfortunate that car salesmen have earned the reputation for being scammers but if you go to Metro Acura and ask for Pik Lee, Sales & Leasing Specialist, you will be pleasantly surprised by the car shopping experience. I was introduced to Pik by my Acura Service Advisor, Hector Ruiz, whom I've known for 10 years because that's how long my Acura CL has been serviced by Metro Acura. I was considering parting ways with my CL but wasn't absolutely sure so I told Pik that I am only exploring leasing options. Pik suggested that I should test drive the car that I am interested in before getting into the details. He said that if I didn't like the car, then there is no point in wasting my time. Just like I expected, I test drove the 2017 Acura ILX and liked the car. Acura really does make high performance, not to mention sleek, sophisticated looking cars. Pik then proceeded with explaining to me about the various leasing options (e.g. 2 years vs. 3 years, mileage requirements, monthly payments, etc). Of course the most important factor is the dollar amount right? How much am I going to fork out for this car? It was important for me to fully understand the financial aspect and Pik was patient in calculating and breaking down the cost of the vehicle. I was surprised that he openly shared his computer screen with me - this gave me the impression that he was being transparent in our discussion and not "scamming me". Like I mentioned before, I was just considering parting ways with my CL. Pik knew it was going to take a heck of a deal for me to take that ILX so he told me to let him know my "conditions" and he will do his best in making sure those conditions are met. After much thought, I came up with six (6) conditions. I'm not sure what the conversation between Pik and his General Manager was like but all I know is that Pik delivered - all of my conditions were met!!! There was also no "going back and forth's", just a very straight forward deal. So yes, I finally parted ways with my CL, which had 303861 miles on it, and got into a brand new 2017 ILX. I truly believe that the reason why my CL lasted so long and still runs fine is because it received superb care at the Service Department and I have Hector to thank for that (Thank you Hector!). Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience at Metro Acura. Pik was personable, knowledgeable (because he is a car enthusiast), humorous and speaks candidly about what he thinks. He will not give you the typical sales pitch just to get a deal. I am a huge fan of Acura but if you are not in the market for an Acura and you want to buy a Honda, that's okay too because Pik can also sell Hondas (literally right across the driveway). Hope you found this review helpful. Car buying is a huge deal so don't be afraid to state your conditions and ask for everything you want. Good luck!


Rancho Cucamonga, CA
January 3, 2017

I recently brought my car in for service and Hector Ruiz was my service provider. Hector gave me outstanding service. I highly recommend him.

Great Service

San Diego, CA
August 24, 2016

I had to go here for service and was pleasantly surprised by how amazing my service guy was. Hector Ruiz was friendly helpful and took time to listen to what I said. I would go back again for any of my service needs.

Highly Recommend Metro Acura

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
September 6, 2016

I purchased my 2005 Acura TL from Metro Acura in August of 2005. We couldn't be happier with our choice! Amazing car! The staff at Metro was extremely professional, and made the purchase experience a very positive and memorable event for my family. Eleven years later, our TL now has 221,000 miles on it, and still runs like it's brand new! We only service our TL at Metro Acura. Andy Dobler, the service manager, has been incredibly attentive to our car since the very first time we took it in for service 11 years ago. When Andy Dobler was promoted to service manager, Hector Ruiz became our service advisor. We couldn't be happier! Hector truly cares about his clients. I want to thank Metro Acura, and commend the dealership for the exemplary customer service we've received from Andy Dobler, and Hector Ruiz. I highly recommend Metro Acura, especially the service department, because of them!


November 26, 2016

Just had our Acura serviced and wanted to thank Hector Ruiz for his prompt and courteous service. We have been coming to Metro Acura for cars and service since 2006, and will continue to do so as Hector's service has been nothing short of awesome! Thank you Hector and Metro Acura!